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Certified Marietta Arborist


Why hire our 
Marietta Arborist to care for your residential or commercial property and landscaping? One particular reason is you have no doubt put much time, energy, and money into your home and grounds, or want to make your commercial business area a safe, appealing structure for your customers. For investment purposes alone, selecting the right professional for your tree service and certified arborist service makes good sense. Marietta, GA Arborists, by Atlanta Tree Company, has a reputation for providing only top quality work and affordable prices that is second-to-none!

Arborist In Marietta GA

Tree Fertilizing - Certified Arborist Consulting - Tree Planting - Sick Tree Diagnoses

Tree Trimming - Root Bariers - Bio Barriers - Root Collar Excavation - Tree Care Services

Emergency Arborist 24/7 - Tree Disease Assessment - Insect & Bug Control

Arborists are trained in the science of arboriculture, which involves the study, managing, and also cultivation of trees. This includes all woody shrubbery, vines, and woody perennial plant species. An arborist normally focuses on individual plants-meaning he does not usually work on entire forests. Forestry covers forest care. The two sciences are related in some ways, but very distinctly different. A Marietta GA arborist work with individual home and business owners 24/7.

Maintaining the safety and appearance of your property is every bit as important as caring for your home on the inside. Our customers take a great deal of pride in their homes, property, and businesses. Marietta GA arborists have excelled the expectations of our clients and this has created word-of-mouth recommendations to their family and friends which keeps our company growing and thriving, like a well-nourished tree! Arborists become Arborists because they have an interest in caring for our environment, but Marietta, Georgia arborists with Atlanta Tree Company go beyond just doing a job. Our arborist has a passion and dedication for their chosen profession and treat every customer's trees and property with the keen interest and hands-on expertise garnered over three decades!

Marietta is one of Georgia's most beautiful cities and we take great satisfaction in having helped Marietta become and remain that way. Marietta GA Arborists are Certified, have all applicable credentials, and are supremely qualified for any problem or project you have.

We Offer Superlative Care in:

  • Tree Trimming
  • Arborist Consulting
  • Sick Tree Treatment
  • Root Barriers
  • Bio Barriers
  • Tree Pruning
  • Tree Shaping
  • Diagnosing & Disease Treatment
  • White-Glove Tree Removal
  • Lot & Land Clearing
  • Fertilization
  • Planting
  • Transplanting
  • Removal of Dangerous Limbs
  • Cabling of Limbs
  • Protection from Insect Infestation
  • Stump Grinding
  • Emergency Tree Services 24/7
  • All Related Tree Care Services
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A Marietta Arborist
, by Atlanta Tree Company, have skill and wisdom from the extensive training they have had and also from putting these skills into operation for decades. We are well-versed in every type of local and non-local trees, shrubbery, and plants. Every species has its own particular needs as far as water, food, and threats from insects and disease. Our vast know-how enables your trees and shrubs to get the precise care they need from the most knowledgeable hands in the business!


Your trees and landscaping are a  very valuable part of your Home. Well-maintained trees and shrubbery can increase the value of your property by 15% or more. Of course, the reverse is also true. Untrained, uneducated "tree cutters" can interfere with the growth patterns of your trees by careless trimming, indiscriminate "pruning", and may also pose a safety danger to your existing trees, vehicles, and your home when attempting to remove large limbs, branches, or trees. It is much costlier and time-consuming trying to "fix" problems created to existing problems by an indifferent, unskilled worker(s) with a chainsaw and pickup truck than it is to go with Marietta GA Arborists, a trusted, respected company for decades in  Marietta, Atlanta, and all surrounding areas of our historic state.

Arborist Consultation - Tree & Plant Care Specialist

Marietta, Georgia Arborists
, by Atlanta Tree Company, ensures exquisite, precise, educated care of your precious trees the first time-at prices that will fit into your budget. Whether you have trees you think might have disease or insect issues, you have trees or shrubbery you would like transplanted, or have ideas for giving your property some new trees, or "freshening up" the look of your outdoor area, call Marietta arborist by Atlanta Tree Company. We guarantee all of our work and the job is completed only when you are 100% satisfied! Marietta, Georgia Arborists, by Atlanta Tree Company stand ready to transform Your Property, residential or commercial, into neighborhood "treasures"!

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