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Marietta Tree Services - Professional Tree Care Company

Marietta Tree Service Experts offers many different kind of tree cutting, tree removal, tree trimming and tree care services in Marietta and Atlanta, GA. When you own your home you may have trees that need to be maintained. Tree removal and tree trimming service is important if you want to keep your trees. Trees can either bring the value of your home down or up according to the health and classification of their condition. Arborists from our tree company are ready to help you beautify or remove any dead, hazardous or dying tree safely and quickly. We offer free tree care or removal estimates and affordable prices from a superior tree cutting company.

What Tree Services Do We Offer? 
  • Tree Cutting Services
  • Tree Removal, Trimming
  • Pruning Trees, Shrubs, Bushes
  • Arborist Tree Care
  • Artistic Trimmers, Cutters
  • Emergency Tree Removal
  • Clearing Of Lots & Land
  • Stump Removal, Grinding
  • Debris Hauled, Removed
  • Tree Spraying, Fertilization
  • Affordable Prices, Safe Workers

Free Estimates

Marietta Tree Experts Company (404) 805-9636

Marietta, Ga Tree Removal Service - When having a tree removed you need to make sure it is done by a professional Marietta Tree Service company that has years of experience and is insured. Tree removal is a must at time. Trees that grow to close to your home, or your foundation may need cutting back or removed. Some trees that are blocking new construction or in the way of your building site may need to be removed. Trees can also be dying or killing the grass or flowers in your yard could be a reason for removal. What ever the reason is Marietta Tree Service Experts can help with all your tree removal functions. We have many ways to remove your trees by using bobcats, cranes or climbing them and piecing them out one limb or branch at a time. We can help you with trees that are hard to reach, like behind a deck, close to your swimming pool, deep in the back yard, or over your home.

Tree Trimming, Trimmers - Tree trimming can be complicated if never done before. Use a professional  to trim your trees so that no damage is done to the health of them. If you have dead or broken branches that need to be trimmed or limbs over your home then we can help. Trees that block the view of your home or grow over the roof may need to be cut off. Limbs that grow towards your driveway or side walk may need to be cut back. Trimming your trees also helps them stay more healthier and fight off infection better towards diseases and bugs. Our tree trimming prices are competitive with quality work.

Tree Pruning - Pruning out your trees can help your trees grow faster and stay stronger against infection as well. The process of pruning is to remove the inside growth and raise the lower tips from your home, driveway or yard. Marietta Tree pruning is a major part of beautifying your trees. Keeping your trees beautiful can help raise the value of your home. Pruning your trees to help keep your property and your local area beautiful.

Lot Clearing Or Land Clearing Marietta, Georgia  - If you need a lot cleared or large land cleared then Marietta Tree Experts Company can help. We have many different types of lot clearing equipment to get your job done fast and maintained properly. Lot clearing can consist of many types of services. You may have trees, stumps, debris or brush that needs to be removed. Our lot and land clearing team can help you decide what trees to keep or cut according to your needs. For fast and reliable lot and land clearing services call today and save.

Debris Removal - Tree brush, limbs, logs, deadwood, firewood, sticks, branches, flowers, grass clippings, and brush piles we can help with.  If you have debris that needs to be picked up or removed that our services can assist you.  We offer debris removal services for all of Marietta and Atlanta, GA.

Stump Grinding - After cutting a tree down you may want to have the stump pulled or ground out. We have all kinds of stump removal equipment. We can reach the hard to get to stumps, which range from stumps in the back yard or stumps in a tight corner. Our stump grinding equipment also ranges form large stump removal services. If you cleared your lot or land and need over fifty stumps ground out then we can help. Our tractor grinder can handle any stump job for large to small with low cost and quality work.

Tree Fertilizing - Fertilizing your trees are important to the growth and health of them.  If you need tree fertilizing done wait till spring so it can benefit the most.  Tree trimming and fertilizing is best done in spring time.  We offer deep root fertilizing services for your trees.

Emergency Tree Services - Marietta Tree Service Experts no matter what time or day it is and our urgent tree cutting crews will be there to help.  Trees fall unexpected and can land on your home or structural property and you may need urgent tree care. Our emergency tree removal service can be there with in 1 hour from the time your called.

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